Yaron Naim

About me

I have 20+ years of experience in SoC, embedded systems, digital signal processing, wireless communication, and IoT. In 2018, I added AI, data science, and machine learning expertise to my skillset. I'm passionate about innovation and a valuable asset to any team.

“The important things in life you cannot see with your eyes, only with your heart.”
(Antoine de Saint-Exupéry)

Hello, I’m Yaron Naim.
My love affair with technology began in 1983, in a small living room in Be’er-Sheva, Israel. A Sinclair ZX Spectrum was my playground, a Bar Mitzvah gift that became my first ‘lab.’ I wasn’t just playing games; I was coding them. I even programmed Hebrew letters and created a ‘Car Racing’ game from scratch. Little did I know, this was the prologue to a lifelong journey in engineering and innovation.

📚 The Scholar and the Engineer: Fast forward to the late ’90s, and I found myself at Ben Gurion University, diving deep into Electrical Engineering and Computers. But I was also drawn to the world of ideas, leading me to complete an MA in Philosophy from Tel Aviv University. This dual pursuit wasn’t a detour; it was a synthesis. Philosophy taught me to question the ‘why’ behind the ‘what,’ a skill that has been invaluable in my engineering career.
🚀 The Pivot Artist: At DSP Group, I found my first professional home. I was part of an R&D team that didn’t just adapt to change; we drove it. We transitioned from traditional answering machines to wireless telephony chipsets, a pivot that skyrocketed the company’s revenues to ~$200M per year.
🤖 The AI Convert: Six years ago, I felt the winds of change again—this time, it was the AI revolution. I took the plunge and transitioned into machine learning. My first project was a low-power face detection system using CNN, tailored for edge computing. The thrill of seeing my code come to life on dedicated hardware was reminiscent of my Sinclair ZX Spectrum days.
🛠 The Leader: In 2021, I took on an R&D managerial role at Innovesta Technologies. Here, I navigated the complexities of open-source data mining, NLP, and cloud services. I led my team to integrate cutting-edge features, leveraging social media analytics to provide actionable insights for our clients.
🌱 The Explorer: Last year, I took a sabbatical to explore, both literally and metaphorically. I hiked 30% of the “Shvil-Israel” trail, rediscovered the underwater world through diving, and even dabbled in Generative AI art. I also took online courses to deepen my understanding of modern AI architectures.
🔍 What’s Next?: Today, I stand at the intersection of my past experiences and future aspirations. I’m excited about the untapped potential of edge AI technologies and am eager to contribute my blend of creativity, technical skills, and leadership to a team that’s as passionate about innovation as I am.

Let’s connect if my story resonates with you and you see a way we can write the next chapter together.


M.A. (Cum laude) degree in philosophy, and digital culture, from Tel Aviv University (2006-7)

B.Sc – Bachelor’s degree in Electrical and Computer Engineering, specializing in communications and Digital Signal Processing from Ben-Gurion University of the Negev (1994-7)


R&D and engineering manager
Embedded System & SW architecture and development
Edge devices (IoT, ULE)
AI and Machine learning
Generative Models, LLMs
Python (and AI packages)
C,C++, assmemby
Backend tools (Dockers containers)

My Experience:



AI, ML and Data science

Work on different projects including face detection for IoT, sentiment and emotion of social media post (twitter), and ESG classification from pre-trained BERT based model



SW and System manager

Manager of the system and embedded SW I/F teams, also take a roll of system architecture of cordless SoC



DSP and PHY engineer

Be part of the DSP team working on In-band signals. Later on manage a protocol stack group developing wireless protocol for DECT products

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